Max is the protagonist of the Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2), role-playing game. a young inventor living with only his father (his mother disappeared when he was young) in the "present". Max comes from a wealthy family, but has no interest in privileged living amongst the bourgeoisie, preferring instead to work with an elderly friend, Cedric, in his mechanic shop. After a chance encounter, he overhears Flotsam - a homicidal circus ringmaster - pressuring the town mayor to produce a certain item. Soon Max is caught up in a conflict of epic proportions, spanning both time and space. Working with Monica and other characters, Max must "rebuild" the past to ensure a prosperous future. His weapons of choice are various wrenches, hammers, and hand-held guns. He also has the ability to pilot the Ridepod, a steampunk-inspired mech named "Steve". Max has one of three special amulets (Red Atlamillia) that enable travel through time, his allowing movement from the past into the future.