Ah/Oh My Goddess

What I liked about this anime is the fact that keiichi is just an ordinary guy. Pretty much why I enjoy reading spider-man comics. He needs to find rent, a place to stay etc. I enjoyed reading the comics so much, with the blend of day-to-day antics, to the impressive machinery, to the use of Norse mythology.
After the complexities in terms of layout of an X-men comic, I found reading Ah! My Goddess rather therapeutic. With it's comprehendable and clear page layout structure and detailed frame by frame motion scenes. Morisato is a student at Nekomi Technology Institute andf amember of the Nekomi Tech Motor Club.

subheading main characters

belldandy character thumb image

Belldandy: Goddess First Class (unlimited), very loving, very kind.

keiici character thumb image

Keiichi Morisato: The "Student who dialled a wrong number and unwittingly summoned the goddess Belldandy.

urd character thumb image

Urd: Goddess Second Class (Limited). Belldandy's big sister

skuld character thumb image

Skuld: Goddess Second Class (Limited). Belldandy's little sister

megumi character thumb image

Megumi Morisato: Keiichi Morisato's little sister.

hasegawa character thumb image

Sora Hasegawa: Shy Nekomi Tech chemistry student and Motor Club member