Bubblegum Crisis

image of bubblegum crisis characters

Those who love Bublegum Crisis will know what emotions, the words "Konya wa Huricane" conjure. The fatal foursome who fight injustice. This was only a short series but the impact of it was massive. Those of you who consider themselves film buffs would have seen the likeness of the opening sequence to that of Ridley Scotts 'Blade Runner'. Not to mention the reuse of the name Priss. Who was the acrobatic, hyper-acrtive, psycho replicant in the 'Blade Runner' movie.

subheading main characters

Priss (Priscilla): This punk-rocking singer is the hot-headed member of the group. Out of all the members she has the most daredevil characteristics. Always the first to take on the enemy. Her hardsuit is blue an equiped with a nail gun.

Sylia: She is the leader of the Knight Sabers. She designed the hardsuits that the Knight Sabers wear. Her father created the humanoid machines known as 'boomers'. Her hardsuit is white nd equiped with a laser sword and nail gun.

Linna: She is the only pure japanese member the group. She is calm but her hand to hand combat and agility are deadly. Her hardsuit is green with razor sharp ribbons capable of cutting through most materials.

Nene: She is the opposite of Priss. Where as Priss is the daredevil always eager to take on the enemy, Nene plays more of a logistical support role. The downside to her hardsuit is it being equipped with only a laser. But this disadvantage is balanced by being crammed with sensory equipment. She offers the group environment analysing, virtual warefare and hacking capabilities.