Variety is sometimes a good thing, so I quite enjoyed watching this series - despite it being pretty dark and sad at times. I did find it quite confusing remembering everyones names, and identifying who was who, particularly when they have similar hair styles. Haven't watched the entire series yet, but what I have seen so far has been good. I guess my overall opinion on the series will eventuall hinge on how it all ends.

Well finally managed to finish watching all of the episodes (I wonder if there is a series 2?). I was kind of disppointed how the series played out in the last couple of episodes. Firstly, the enemy getting slashed everywhere soon became tiresome to watch, took me back to the days of Dragon Ball Z where they would be there for countless minutes just doing an endless amount of punches. Secondly, after the series had begun to explore how stronger the main character was getting, in terms of techniques she was learning etc etc. It ended up just being a battle of mindless brute strength which I found a bit annoying too. Hopefully if there is a series 2, they can get back to concentrating on building up a good story a bit more.