Coyote Ragtime Show

The title of this anime reminded me of the time when I first heard about Cowboy Bebop. I was impressed by the animation quality and it took me a while to get used to the name, the same as it did for this anime. This series came as a much needed boost in keeping me interested in anime, and I love the way the twelve sisters drop from the sky because of their costumes remind me of those from Phantasy Star Online. The one with the two machine guns, just like a 'Force' (a character type from PSO emphasising magic) from PSO using a pair of high-end 'Vulcans' (the name of the last basic level of a pair of identical machine guns), see the bottom image to see what I'm getting at.

The title: 'Coyote Ragtime Show', reminds me of the show in Cowboy Bebop where they would find out information on recently declared 'wanted' criminals. My last word on this anime is to watchout for the crazy end credits, took me back to my childhood to when the quality of children's programmes was somewhat suspect. If you watch it you'll see what I mean.

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