Fullmetal Alchemist

I had heard of this anime series but hadn't bothered to find out what it was all about. I guessed that it obviously had something to do with alchemy and metal and I initially believed that the giant in armour was the short blonde kids (don't tell I called him short!) body guard.

I initally watched the movie before watching the series, and found it a good watch and inspiring. I found out that the tall armour was in fact hollow and funny enough was in fact the short blonde chap's,(which by this point I learned was called Edward Elric) younger brother, who by just so happens to be hollow inside i.e. there's no body in there!

When I did eventually get around to watching the series. It was one of the longest viewing sessions that I had undertaken in a while. I watch pretty much all 51 episodes in a 2 week period. The series offers something new. It teaches one not to be fool-hardy (being ignorant of the possible consequences of ones actions). Throughtout the series they are continuously suffering because of their actions at the beginning of the series.