Ghost in the Shell: SAC

With Ghost in the Shell, you either really love it or you just plain hate it. That is my conclusion from hearing both sides as to whether Ghost in the Shell is good or not. The thing that most who hate anything Ghost in the Shell complain about, is the confusing storyline and what they deem to be excessive dialogue. Basically too much talking. But the talking is what I most enjoy about it. It's like sitting down to a great crime novel, where the plot twists and you're never quite sure who the guilty parties are.

I can never understand why those who hate it's very existnece chose to waste their time doing so. Just don't watch it! Instead, if pure action and violence is what your after. Go and watch some mindless and testosterone filled action, from the likes of Goku and Ken from Fist of the North Star.

This is the main reason why I like watching anime. There are so many diverse shows that there is always something for everyone ^_^.