Yeah I'm just like the millions of others who love gundam. I pretty much like all the gundam series'. Even the slightly controversial G-Gundam where the action resembles something more like Street Fighter than Gundam. Those who hate anime with robots, had better stay away! Such is the magnitude of the Gundam franchise, many japanese have chosen to get married, dressed in complete Gundam attire, underneath a full size replica of an early Gundam.

The main Gundam movies and series' are the original Gundam 0079 which comes in a triple pack of movies. After these come Gundam F91, Char counter attack and Gundam 0083. Then comes the popular Gundam Wing series' followed by the more recent Gundam Seed and even more recent sequel Gundam Seed Destiny series'.

Heero: This guy just doesn't care. The typical silent but deadly type, taken to the extreme. He'll fling himself out of buildings, and willing to set off the Gundam auto destruct while still beside the Gundam.

Char/Zechs: These guys are pretty much the same person, occupying the same space but in different times. The question is who is better?

Duo Maxwell: This guy is funny! Not the typical sort of character you usually find in anime. Quirky,realistic and yet he still has a deadly edge to him. Calls himself the 'Dark Destroyer'

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