I love this Anime because for once there are robots which aren't made from indestructable gundanium but are rather realistic. Just machines which operate rather like a crane, with pedals and levers. It is a far more plusable future than say gundam. In this anime the police have robots to combat the missuse of other robots whether they be used for construction or whatever. These 8-9 metre tall machines are refered to as labors hence the term Patlabor which is the culmination of the words 'Patrol' and 'Labor'.

Noa Izumi: She loves labors and pilots Ingram unit 1, which she has names her labor alphonse. She is righteous and believes in always doing the right thing.

Azuma Shinohara: The son of the founder of Shinihara industries and the heir to his fathers company. He joined the Special Vehicles Division to escape his overbearing father.

Kiichi Goto: He's the leader of the special vehicles division. Under the dull and ordinary looking exterior lurks a cunning and intellegent mind.

Shinobu Nagumo: The commander of the Special Vehicles Division 1, a woman who always chooses to do the right thing and obey orders. She's not as wild and unpredictable as Goto and prefers things done by the book.

Isao Ota: He's the loose cannon in the special vehicles Division. Wild and over enthusiasm usually lead him into trouble to the embarrassment of the team. He pilots Ingram unit 2, which has had the head customised to his specifications.

AV-98 Ingram: The labor piloted by Noa Azumi who takes to naming this 8-foot machine Alponse. The name Alphonse which has been the prefered name for, well I'm pretty sure, for most of her pets.

AV-XO Type Zero: This test labor appears in the Patlabor motion picture where it has a showdown with Noa Azumi's Ingram Alphonse.

JS-9 Griffon: The clue is in the name. A black gothic like Labor made by Shaft Enterprises. A labor production company much like Shinohara Heavy Industries who are there rivals. This labor is piloted by a young kid and appears in many of the TV series episodes.


This is one of the best cosplay costumes I have ever seen. Cosplay for those of you who don't know is a popular japanese past time where people get together and dress up as their favourite comic and tv characters. It has become more popular in the UK in recent years.