Body type Two-seater roadster; all-aluminum 
Chassis Large-diameter twin-tube ladder frame with tubular suspension mountings and tubular superstructure 
Engine type Ford V8
Capacity '427' is actually 426cu in (6,984cc) '428' is actually 427 cu in(6,991cc) (both engine types used in Cobra 427)
Bore '427', 4.24in (107.7mm); '428', 4.l3in (104.9mm)
Stroke '427', 3.78in (96.0mm); '428', 3.98in (101.1mm)
Compression ratio '427', 10.4:1; '428', 10.5:1
Cylinders Cast-iron block, five main bearings, single central camshaft
Cylinder heads Cast-iron, two valves per cylinder, operated by pushrods
Fuel: system Single four-barrel Holley carburetor (four twin choke down draught Weber carburetors optional) 
Maximum power '427' 425 bhp @ 6,500rpm; '428' 390 bhp @ 5,200rpm
Maximum torque '427' 480 lb ft @ 3,500rpm; '428' 475 lb ft @ 3,7OOrpm
Bhp per litre. '427' 60.8 (1.0 bhp per cu in); '428' 55.8 (0.91 bhp per cubic inch)
Gearbox type Ford 'top-loader' four-speed manual, all synchromesh
Final drive ratio 3:31 (numerous options available)
Clutch Single dry-plate, hydraulic operation
Front suspension Independent, by unequal-length upper and lower wishbones, with coil springs and telescopic dampers
Rear suspension Independent, by unequal-length upper and lower wishbones, with additional lower trailing links, coil springs and telescopic dampers
Brakes Solid discs front and rear
Steering  Rack and pinion (worm and sector up to chassis no CSX2125)
Wheels & tyres 7.5J X 15in centre-lock,, cast-magnesium Halibrand wheels (later up to 9.5J X 15 at rear); 8.5 X 15in tyres (later up to 11.4 X 15in at rear) 
Overall length 156.0in (3,962mm)
Overall width  68.0in (1,727mm)
Overall height  49.0in (1,244mm)
Wheelbase  90.0in (2,286mm)
Track Front: 56.0in (1,422mm) Rear: 56.0in (1,422mm
Ground clearance 4.5in (114mm)
Fuel tank capacity 15.0 gallons (18.0 US gallons) (68 litres)
Unladen weight 2,350lb (1,066kg)
Power-to-weight ratio 405.l bhp per ton
Performance  Maximum speed 165mph (265kph) 
0-60mph (0-96.5kph) 4.2 seconds 
0-100mph (0-161kph) 10.3 seconds 
Standing -mile 12-4 seconds 
Fuel consumption 10.0mpg